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Our market knowledge and years of experience will help you sell your home as efficiently and quickly as possible.


  1. The Kima Real Estate Group has proven agents with combined 60+ years of experience and knowledge to sell your home as quickly as possible. 
  • The average Days on Market (DOM) for this year is currently 34 days. This means, from the day we made a listing active to the time we were sitting at the closing table was just over 1 month…well ahead of the average days on market.
  • We are in the TOP 1% of all Triangle agents.
  1. Pricing your home correctly is important. We don’t take listings just to get our sign in your yard…we want to help you close, and accurate pricing is key.
  • We determine the market value of your property by running studies of comparable area properties already sold to advise and help you determine the proper sales price. Smart pricing is based on what comparable homes have SOLD for, not on what others in your neighborhood are presently on sale for – after all, they haven’t successfully sold, and they’re the competition you want to beat.
  • Today’s buyers are computer-savvy and they know how to search for what they want. Setting a price too high can hurt in more ways than one. High pricing can knock you out of the search parameters your home will likely sell for and make you miss the right buyer. Pricing too high can keep agents and buyers from making appointments to visit your property, or if they do, cause disappointment with it in comparison to others in that price range.
  • Because of this, our sales price to list price is currently 99%.
  • More than half of our 2014 listings sold within only 1 month of becoming active.
  1. We bring out a professional stager – at no cost to you – to explore ways to make your house more appealing to prospective buyers. The most effective way to sell a home is to have one that a buyer can easily envision living in. The staging process takes an impersonal eye to see what you cannot.
  • The stager is not a home decorator and is not there to sell you anything. For instance, she may recommend moving furniture or using an item in a different location.
  • The stager’s suggestions on improvements or changes may incur some cost, such as painting, replacing countertops or carpets etc. These changes will be totally up to you. However, spending a few hundred dollars up front can pay you back in a quicker and higher offer. Peter is an accredited stager as well and will be with you in making these decisions.

Are you ready for our years of experience, dedication to making a difference, and powerful marketing knowledge to stand behind you and your home?

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