The Best Technology

Since 92% of home buyers now begin their search online, your listing’s presence and appearance, in person and online is of utmost importance to attracting a buyer.


  1. We are continually adding and updating our marketing technology to better serve our clients.
  • We are constantly learning through marketing seminars better ways to get our listings publicized in the optimum manner, in more places, and more often so we can capture as many prospective buyers as possible for your home.
  • We aggressively market our listings through social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. If you find a website we are not promoting your home on, we need to know about it! We currently market on over 150 different sites!
  • Our social media marketing efforts are powerful! Over 16,000 visitors reached with a pre-marketing Facebook post for one listing, and 9,000+ on another!
  • We publish blogs about your home on multiple sites including and
  • We publish a Story Board complete with video & ‘seller says’ on
  1. Your home will have high-tech photography and videography advertising the listing.  
  • Most REALTORS offer a virtual tour by using the same 25 photos you’ve already seen. We actually film a video tour of your home…Google loves video, and buyers do as well!
  • Showing your home in the best light possible, with cutting-edge photography and video, is one of the easiest ways to get noticed and get SOLD!
  • We change your headshot two times per month because we know buyers search and buy based on emotion.
  1. Your home will have a unique phone number and recording that interested buyers may call for more information.
  • Our Buyer Team is immediately notified and attempts to reach the potential buyer to schedule a showing.
  1. We have a Service Representative available to chat online, even during evening hours, to make sure that any interest in, or call about your home, will not go unanswered.

Are you ready for our years of experience, dedication to making a difference, and powerful marketing knowledge to stand behind you and your home?

We’d be honored to work with you. 

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